Bellcrank bearings repair kit with 3/4in shaft -915762+

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A RFJP Exclusive.
Premium bellcrank repair kit with 3/4" shaft
This kit is made from the original blue prints to exact specs.
The bellcrank seal A858 is a true seal as the original SP1722,
not a rubber washer or O-ring.
Kit includes the following:
1ea A855 Shaft, bellcrank pivot,           (US Made)
1ea A856 Pin, tapered,                          (US Made)
2ea A857 Bearing SP17212
2ea A858 Seal, bellcrank
1ea A859 Washer,  bellcrank lower,     (US Made)
1ea A860 Washer, bellcrank upper,     (US Made)
1ea A861 Shield, bellcrank,                   (US Made)
1ea A867 Nut, bellcrank shaft
1ea  cotter pin

Installation Video:
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