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Rust Converting Metal Primer, 1 quart

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Rust Sergeant rust converter is an elite, industrial strength product for all your automotive restoration rust problems. Rust Sergeant is designed to apply directly to clean tight rust. Flash rust after pressure washing is benefit. The results of Rust Sergeant are created by its two principal components:
Mild acids to arrest rusting and convert existing rust to other compounds
And a chemically advanced copolymer that bonds with both the converted rust
and with applied topcoats.

Extend the life of your metal by protecting it from rust and corrosion. Rust occurs naturally when the iron in steel oxidizes and returns to its original state, iron oxide. Through an innovative chemical conversion process, Rust Sergeant converts rust (iron oxide) into magnetite. It also primes the surface with a high quality metal primer at the same time.

Rust Sergeant is the best way to deal with rust because it is less expensive, less time consuming, and is much more environmentally friendly than sandblasting. Rust Sergeant truly provides one step corrosion control.

Rust Sergeant FEATURES
Water based rust converter
High quality metal primer
Easy to apply (brush, roll, or spray)
Easy to cleanup with soap and water
Rust Sergeant has proven performance for over 25 years

Top Coating
Rust Sergeant remains "open" to mechanical, chemical bonding with most topcoats for 30 days.
Rust Sergeant may be top coated with oil based paints, epoxys, urethanes and most other top coats.


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What is the coverage for one gallon of Rust Sergeant?

Typical Coverage rate is 200 square feet per gallon applied at 8-10 mils wet coat.

How does Rust Sergeant Rust Converting Primer work?

Rust Sergeant Rust Converting Primer chemically changes the composition of rust on steel, turning the rust into a non-rusting barrier layer, while at the same time, primes the steel surface ready for topcoating. What surface preparation is needed prior to applying Rust Sergeant? First remove any loose, flakey rust and old paint, mill scale and visible debris. Wash the surface thoroughly with a cleaner to remove any oil, grease or other contaminants. Thoroughly rinse the cleaned surface to remove any cleaner residue that may have been left behind. The ideal surface preparation is CLEAN, TIGHT RUST!

Do I need to thin Rust Sergeant?

No. In fact, Rust Sergeant Rust Converting Primer is very formula sensitive so DO NOT THIN!

Can I apply a primer coat over Rust Sergeant?

Yes, but in most applications it is not necessary. An oil based primer is recommended if one is used.

Can Rust Sergeant be used on galvanized steel?

Since galvanized steel is coating with zinc to prevent corrosion, Rust Sergeant is not effective over non rusted galvanized steel. If the galvanized steel is rusted, do a test application to determine if there is enough rust present for Rust Sergeant to be effective. The Rust Sergeant will not bond properly if the galvanized steel is not sufficiently rusted.

Can Rust Sergeant be applied over non-rusted steel?

Yes, but Rust Sergeant works best when rust is present. Do not apply Rust Sergeant over Cor-ten steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel or any steel that has been chemically treated.

Can Rust Sergeant be applied over old paint?

Yes, Rust Sergeant will etch prime tightly adhered primer or old paint that is on the steel surface.

Can I use a sprayer to apply Rust Sergeant?

Yes, use an airless sprayer for less nozzle clogging Rust Sergeant must not be diluted. Immediately after application be sure to rinse spray equipment well with clean water to remove any Rust Sergeant before it as a chance to set up.

What protective measures should I use when applying Rust Sergeant?

It is recommended that Rust Sergeant is used in a well ventilated area. If spraying, gloves, goggles and a mask are

recommended because prolonged exposure might cause skin and eye irritation.

Can Rust Sergeant be applied to a rusted barbeque or wood stove?

No, Rust Sergeant Rust Converter is not considered "heat resistant"


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