MB GPW wiring harness, mid, master kit -A2002 B MK

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wiring harness, MB GPW, mid series, master kit
This wiring kit is used on jeeps which have the trailer socket, blackout driving light, radio filter on firewall and have the push pull headlight switch. Used till June 6 1944 and later plus or minus a few weeks. Includes color AutoCAD wiring diagram, clip set diagram, and detailed instructions.
1: wiring harness 
1: battery to starter switch battery cable
1: starter switch to starter battery cable
1: battery to ground cable
1: 6 post junction blocks
2: 2 post junction blocks
4: 1 to 1 connectors
2: 2 to 1 connectors
1: wiring clip set
NOTE: does not include any bond straps, or shielded wiring

NOTE: here is a video on wiring harnesses
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